The pleasure of the authentic

We create our own recipes,with suggestive aromas, complex flavours, surprising textures, taking good care of appearance and beauty… The aim of our talent has one mission: exciting whoever tastes our products.

But of course, we would not be who we are without our loyal consumers and followers, who throughout our long history always trust in Cuit’s. Thanks to them, their confidence, their suggestions and their exquisite taste we improve every day.

"Behind every pleasure offered by Cuit's there is a hidden true story and the passion for good taste." Cuit’s team


Our priority is to guarantee safety under the most demanding Quality Certificates. The continuous optimization with the new technologies, is what allows us to raise the quality of our industrial processes.

R & D

Innovation is our value for growth. The trust placed in us allows us to be at the forefront of food products research and become a pioneer in the sector.


A great majority of the recipes have their origins in the traditional kitchens. Cuit's modernizes these recipes and facilitates their elaboration while maintaining the culinary art when preparing and cooking a great variety of products.

The measure

Knowledge of natural foods, art in the kitchen, are our priorities. Our professionals in culinary arts are put at your disposal to create the best solutions to your recipes.

Pol. Ind. – Ctra. Riudellots, 13
17244 Cassà de la Selva (Girona) SPAIN
Tel. (34) 972 46 15 84


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