Roasted meats

 Flat chicken breast
Flat chicken breastRef. 355010
 Rolled chicken breast
Rolled chicken breastRef. 355011
 Double skinless chicken breast
Double skinless chicken breastRef. 355013
 Double smoked chicken breast
Double smoked chicken breastRef. 355027
 Golden double-breasted chicken with spices
Golden double-breasted chicken with spicesRef. 355037
 Chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheese
Chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheeseRef. 355417
 Grillé chicken breast (90g)
Grillé chicken breast (90g)Ref. 355026
 Cajun Chicken Breast
Cajun Chicken BreastRef. 355025
 “Country” style roast chicken with pepper, olives and egg
“Country” style roast chicken with pepper, olives and eggRef. 370030
 “Old” style chicken with mushrooms and raisins
“Old” style chicken with mushrooms and raisinsRef. 370032
 Mexican Spicy Wings
Mexican Spicy WingsRef. 355520
 Barbecue wings
Barbecue wingsRef. 355521
 Chicken Breast Dice
Chicken Breast DiceRef. 355102
 Roasted chicken breast chips
Roasted chicken breast chipsRef. 373000
 Roasted chicken breast strips
Roasted chicken breast stripsRef. 355103
 Crumble of roasted chicken breast
Crumble of roasted chicken breastRef. 355110
 Grilled chicken breast fillets
Grilled chicken breast filletsRef. 355152
 Duck confit
Duck confitRef. 355020
 Beef pastrami
Beef pastramiRef. 355002
 Cooked roast beef
Cooked roast beefRef. 355000
 Round of veal
Round of vealRef. 355039
 Chicago pastrami
Chicago pastramiRef. 355009
 English kind roast beef
English kind roast beefRef. 355036
 Roasted beef
Roasted beefRef. 355007
 Veal roulade with mushrooms
Veal roulade with mushroomsRef. 370008
 Sliced chicago pastrami
Sliced chicago pastramiRef.
 Sliced pepper pastrami
Sliced pepper pastramiRef.
 Sliced roast beef
Sliced roast beefRef.
 Sliced beef pastrami
Sliced beef pastramiRef.
 Sliced beef round
Sliced beef roundRef.
 Sliced roasted sausage
Sliced roasted sausageRef. 355803
 Roasted pork ribs with barbeque sauce
Roasted pork ribs with barbeque sauceRef. 370027
 Grilled top loin
Grilled top loinRef. 355003
 Honey roasted ribs
Honey roasted ribsRef. 355519
 Roasted ribs
Roasted ribsRef. 355512
 Pork loin and bacon roulade
Pork loin and bacon rouladeRef. 370009
 Pork loin and plums roulade
Pork loin and plums rouladeRef. 370022
 Pork Loin
Pork LoinRef. 355153
 Grilled mince ideal for pizza
Grilled mince ideal for pizzaRef. 355201
 Cooked mince
Cooked minceRef.
 Mexican mince
Mexican minceRef. 355202
 Sofrito of meat and vegetables
Sofrito of meat and vegetablesRef. 355203
 Roasted cocktail chorizo
Roasted cocktail chorizoRef. 355503
 Turkey breast cooked in the oven
Turkey breast cooked in the ovenRef. 333701


Behind every pleasure offered by Cuit's there is a hidden true story and the passion for good taste.

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