Turkey breast cooked in the oven
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Turkey breast cooked in the oven

Description Baked Roasted Natural Turkey Breast.

Presentation suggestion Due to its high protein content, low fat content and the softness of its flavor, it is ideal for enjoying meals and dinners every day with salads, grilled vegetables, or any garnish you like. Ideal for preparing the healthiest sandwich in the office.

Tasting note The excellence of a soft, lean, highly digestible and very healthy meat, roasted in its juice.

Formats For large kitchens / hotel and deli / delicatessen

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Foie’s Cornets

Duck mousse


1 Cuit’s Grand Mere Gusso Duck Foie gras can
50g cream cooked to cook
Salted cornets


1 Beat the foie with the beater arm at low power so that the foie is not cut by temperature increase and add the brandy.
2 Mix gently with the whipped cream to cook.
3 Season with pepper
4 Meter in pastry bag and reserve in refrigerator until we use it
5 In the refrigerator it becomes thicker, so it is best to take it out one hour before use to warm it to room temperature and to be smoother.

1 Fill the turbinates with the pastry bag
2 Decorate with flowers ……..
Arrange in a glass filled with maldon salt, chopped almonds ………..



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