Pork loin and plums roulade
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Pork loin and plums roulade

Description Roasted natural loin of pork roasted with plums.

Presentation suggestion The mixture of sweet and salty combine perfectly in this delicious dish very well accompanied with berries, pine nuts and raisins

Tasting note Baked to the oven following the most current cooking techniques that maintain all the nutritional properties of the product and all its flavor

Formats For large kitchens / hotels and delicatessen

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Traditional Roast Beef

Roasted meats


1 Piece of Roast Beef Cuit’s
250gr. baby carrots
250gr. Green peas
250gr. potatoes baby


1 Cut the Roast Beef that Cuit’s has cooked for you in thin slices and reserve (Roast Beef, can be taken cold or tempered, if tempered place the slices in a dish and heats in the microwave at 600v for 30 seconds) .
2 Clean the vegetables and boil separately, drain and fry in a frying pan with olive oil.
3 Have all ingredients separately on the table and each guest is served according to his taste.



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