Cooked mince

Cooked mince

Description Minced cooked pork

Presentation suggestion Prepare meatballs, macaroni or meatloaf among thousands of choices that gives you Cuit's minced cooked pork.

Tasting note The taste of our already cooked pork minced meat will make you participate in a lot of homemade and popular recipes that are liked by most, both large and small.
It is easy to work and eat, so it is usually on the shopping list of all homes.
Most of the gastronomies worldwide have their good recipes with minced meat.

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Foie montadito with rissoto and shavings of ham



6 slices of Cuit’s duck foie gras medallion
6 slices toasted bread loaf (round shape)
6 tablespoons of rissoto
Ham shavings


Ingredients for rissoto

200 gr. Rice pump
50 gr. Of dehydrated mushrooms (ceps)
1 spring onion or leek
Chicken soup
50-75 gr. Of parmesan cheese


1 Arrange the toasted bread slices in a pan
2 Place a spoonful of rissoto on slice of bread
3 Place a slice of Foie Cuit’s Medallion on the rissoto layer
4 Decorate with ham shavings


Preparing for rissoto

1 Hydrate the mushrooms for half an hour.
Meanwhile, cut the scallion into julienne and sauté in a low (low) saucepan over medium heat.

2 Add the rice and sauté together with the onion stirring until it starts to transparent.

3 Add the ceps and hot broth, stirring constantly. The technique of the rissotto is based precisely on this, add the broth little by little to be submerged and remove the rice, to control the cooking and the evolution of the broth.

4 Finally, add Parmesan cheese, remove and remove from heat. let stand a few minutes before serving



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