Duck foie gras “micuit”
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Duck foie gras “micuit”

Description Foie gras made whole duck "my cuit"

Presentation suggestion Cut with a knife previously heated in water. It is served with lettuce, toast and as a quality accompaniment in multiple dishes. It is usually accompanied by aging wines and also dry sherry

Tasting note Foie Gras is one of the most exquisite dishes of the world cuisine. The main characteristic of the "mi cuit" is that with its special cooking, it does not lose just the natural fat and retains all its special flavor and quality. Its unctuous texture is a little firmer than that of raw foie gras.

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Salmon Rolls



1 slice of Cuit’s Salmon Pate
2 slices of special mold bread for coils
1 jar of salmon caviar substitute
1 jar of spreadable cheese
Mint leaves to decorate


1 Arrange the slice of special roll pan on the work table
2 Spread with a thin layer of cheese
3 Add a layer of Salmon Cuit’s pâté
4 Roll up
5 Cut into 1cm slices
6 Decorate with a salmon caviar substitute roe

Arrange the salmon rolls on a tray and decorate with the mint leaves



Behind every pleasure offered by Cuit's there is a hidden true story and the passion for good taste.

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