Mexican mince
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Mexican mince

Description Minced pork "Mexican" style

Presentation suggestion If you love tacos and Mexican food mix the minced meat with a good sauce and wrap it in a flour tortilla.

Tasting note A very complete dish, ideal as an appetizer, although it can also be used as a single dish. They will like the whole family.

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Luxury skewers

Exclusive cold meats


1 slice of 1 cm. Of Cuticle’s Egg Galantine Thickness
1 slice of 1 cm. Of thickness of Galantina Jardinera Cuit’s
1 bunch of chives
Long Vase or Vase


1 Cut the slice of galantina of egg in dice of 1cm and form a skewer with 5 dice
2 Cut the slice of galantina jardinera in the form of a triangle and form a skewer with 5 pieces
3 Tying 3 leaves of chives to the stick of the skewer

Place the skewers in a long glass or vase and we have ready the most appetizing bouquet of our appetizer



Behind every pleasure offered by Cuit's there is a hidden true story and the passion for good taste.

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